phcmoviePicturehouse Films has purchased the North American distribution rights for Robert Altman’s film “A Prairie Home Companion.” Picturehouse Films is known for their handling of such unexpected hits as “My Big Fat Greek Wedding” and “Whale Rider.” Picturehouse, a joint venture of New Line Cinema and HBO Films, acquired the behind-the-scenes musical comedy for approximately $3.75 million at a screening held in New York. The Altman film, based on Garrison Keillor’s popular radio show, was shot in St. Paul, Minnesota at the Fitzgerald Theater with a cast that includes Meryl Streep, John C. Reilly, Virginia Madsen, Maya Rudolph, Lindsay Lohan, Tommy Lee Jones, Woody Harrelson, Lily Tomlin and Kevin Kline. In addition to Garrison Keillor, who plays himself, the cast also includes regular “A Prairie Home Companion” cast members and actors, Sue Scott as “Donna, the makeup lady” and Tim Russell as “Al, the stage manager.” The film will be released and in theaters in June 2006.

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