Memories of “Dracula Baby “, Dubuque Community Theater 1972, and my “A Prairie Home Companion “ friends, Tom Keith, Sue Scott and Fred Newman https://youtu.be/rzPH4UdNv70

A Great Film To Stream

I found this reminder of what a great film Robert Altman’s “A Prairie Home Companion” is. On HBOMAX. Watch for “Al, The Stage Manager”! ?

West Wing Special Benefit

Check out “A West Wing Special to Benefit When we all Vote” available tonight (10/15/2020) on HBO Max. I had the honor of acting with these two “West Wing” giants on “A Prairie Home Companion “, in 1995 Allison Janey was a cast member of APHC, and in 2007 Garrison...

Samurai Mask Maker!

New CDC Guidelines say good Idea to cover you nose and mouth with a home made mask when out in public in case you are an asymptomatic Covid-19 Carrier. Search youTube for more successful attempts. https://youtu.be/4JEcQnjXfkM

Final Oscar 2020 Predictions Score

‪Final Oscar Predictions score: 17 out of 24. Missed best picture (but surprise win for “ Parasite” well deserved), best Director, Adapted and Original Screenplays, Original Song, Sound Mixing, and Live Action Short.‬

2020 My Oscar Predictions

Best Supporting Actress Kathy Bates, “Richard Jewell” Laura Dern, “Marriage Story” Scarlett Johansson, “Jojo Rabbit” Florence Pugh, “Little Women” Margot Robbie,” Bombshell” Margot Robbie was quite sympathetic as an amalgam of...

Rah Rah Rah for the Uof M Libraries

Looking forward to saluting the “Friends of the Library “ at the U of M with my friends Rich and Sue!Join the Friends of the University of Minnesota Libraries for an evening of radio antics with A Prairie Home Companion veterans Sue Scott, @radiotimrussell, and...

50 Years ago: My “Woodstock”, “Easy Rider” Weekend!

What's Next? Peter Fonda died this weekend at the age of 79. Fifty years ago this weekend his signature film, “Easy Rider” debuted in1969, just part of my cultural confluence that eventful summer. I had just graduated from Notre Dame. My girlfriend, lived in Manhattan...

“Toy Story 4”-Triumphant!

Not having kids ( no endless DVD repeats) and of a certain age ( detail hard drive almost full), I must admit, though I loved the first 3 Pixar “Toy Story” movies, I don’t remember a thing about them, except that they were better than three quarters of what Hollywood...

“Apollo 11” Don’t Miss This One!

Documentarian Todd Douglas Miller's "Apollo !!" is an amazing example of what a great nation can accomplish when it applies its scientific curiosity and bravery to explore the limits of the human experience. Miller used some 11000 hours of audio and hundreds of hours...

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