30th_season_dvd_250After 30 years of live radio broadcasts of “A Prairie Home Companion,” the popular show comes to DVD for the first time, offering a rare inside look at one of radio´s most beloved shows. Voice-over talent and regular PHC radio actors, Sue Scott and Tim Russell are featured along with Garrison Keillor and the rest of the PHC gang on their first DVD release, “A Prairie Home Companion: 30th Broadcast Season Celebration DVD,” available online at American Public Media Group’s “Pretty Good Goods” Shop. Taped before live audiences at the Fitzgerald Theater in Saint Paul, MN, the DVD features the 30th anniversary broadcast with Garrison Keillor and cast performing their singular blend of folk, blues and gospel songs and topical comedy sketches. The broadcast includes appearances by special guests BR549, Philip Brunelle, Jearlyn Steele and Inga Swearingen, in addition to cast regulars Sue Scott, Tom Keith, Fred Newman and Tim Russell, and music by The Guy´s All-Star Shoe Band.

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