alaskaTim Russell and Sue Scott are setting sail again with Garrison Keillor and the rest of the PHC crew on Prairie Home Cruise II. The cruise launches July 14, from Seattle for a week of sailing along the coast of British Columbia and Alaska, returning to Seattle on July 21, where “A Prairie Home Companion” will be taped for broadcast on July 22, from the Chateau Ste. Michelle Winery. Joining Garrison Keillor on board will be The Royal Academy of Radio Actors (a.k.a. Tim Russell and Sue Scott), the Guy’s All-Star Shoe Band and Robin and Linda Williams, in addition to musicians and “expert naturalists” from the Pacific Northwest. Cruise registration begins on January 31. Book your berths on the Prairie Home Cruise II soon as the 2005 PHC cruise from Boston sold out in a jiffy.

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