Here are some photos from our big night in St. Paul. The world premiere of Garrison Keillor’s and Robert Altman’s film, ” A Prairie Home Companion”, opening June 9.


Sue Scott and Tim Russell with Meryl Streep and Kevin Kline at the St. Paul Hotel, preceding the parade of horse drawn carriages to the Premiere at the Fitzgerald Theater.


Sue Scott and Tim Russell with Lily Tomlin. She stars with Meryl Streep as one of the singing “Johnson Girls ” in the movie.


Sue’s husband Ron Peluso with Sue and Tim in the “Chopped Liver” carriage, Lindsey Lohan was in the carriage right behind us.


Tim’s wife Judy with Virginia Madsen and Tim. The Landmark Center, where the after party was held is in the background.


Tim Russell strikes a grandfatherly-like pose with Lindsay Lohan.


Sue and Tim with the wonderful John C. Reilly, who will be joining us next week for the Movie Premiere and broadcast from Reykjavik, Iceland this month.


Tim and Sue with Kevin Kline, and the magnificent Pat Donohue from The Guys all Star Shoe Band.

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