Monday, March 9th, I had prostate surgery. The February 9th ankle surgery triggered a urine retention crisis that resulted in the Urologist recommendation that the time had come to deal with my BPH (Benign Prostate Hyperplasia). They had hoped to do a Laser procedure that normally takes around 50 minutes, but it wasn’t up to the task so the surgeon decided to revert to the TURP (Transurethral Resection of the Prostate) procedure that carves out the prostate tissue rather than vaporizing it. An hour and a half later, he took out 30 grams of tissue, which is about twice what they usually remove. This means a longer recovery with continued light bleeding and other issues that may last 8 weeks or longer. I had to stay in the Hospital overnight to monitor bleeding. I had some wicked spasms; the nurse said “that’s as close to a menstrual cramp as you’re going to get” (ladies, my condolences). They were terrific at flushing the clots out and making me more comfortable. I found an informative website,, full of information and personal experiences with TURP. I will get the requisite Foley Catheter removed on Friday and I’m hoping for the best. Meanwhile my broken ankle continues to heal. I have two more weeks of non-weight bearing crutch work. I’ll be visiting the Physical Therapist for weeks and they say 6 months from now my ankle should be back to normal. Here’s hoping. Next time someone says, “break a leg” before a performance I may request a new phrase. A simple “Good Luck!” will do just fine.

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