I had hoped to be with you Liiiiive! ( OK, I’m hooked on “Dancing with the Stars”) on WCCO, Monday the 16th, and this weekend on “A Prairie Home Companion” at the State Theater In Minneapolis, but when I made the announcement about returning to work one week after TURP prostate surgery, my Urologist said not so fast, I need to go back on the 23rd at the earliest, so that’s the new plan. I’m glad he did because, as I’m learning, it does take a while to heal those innards.

I’m going to have to miss another week on “A Prairie Home Companion” and that kills me, but they are bringing in Fred Newman so how can you go wrong with two Sound Effects guys. I hope Garrison arranges another “Sound Off” between Frad and Tom Keith.

I did have my first meaningful physical therapy session yesterday, and my range of motion with my broken ankle is coming along although my foot turns dark purple when I put it toward the floor. The therapist says that once the muscles learn how to fire up the blood should learn how to pump out of that foot again. It was a shock to be out of the house in 70 degree weather, I loved it. Two more weeks before any weight bearing on that foot, but I’ll be back on WCCO’s “Morning News with Dave Lee” doing entertainment news next and on Prairie Home Companion in Appleton,WI on the 28th.

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