I had my maiden voyage last weekend with crutches on a flight to Appleton, WI to do “A Prairie Home Companion” at their beautiful Performing Arts Center. My foot responded by swelling like a Johnsonville Brat with 5 fat sausage toes attached. fortunately we stayed at the boutique Copperleaf Hotel. They have a wonderful spa in the building so I had a massage, which did wonders. The 5pm broadcast show was great and Garrison did a second non-broadcast show at 8:30pm. We finished at 11:20pm so the in-room whirlpool tub was a lifesaver the next morning before checkout.

This Friday we start a three week run at The Town Hall in New York City.

Amy Carlson Gustafson, a writer for The St. Paul Pioneer Press was kind enough to note my return to work in her “Hot Dish” column.

WCCO’s Tim Russell back on air

It’s been six weeks since listeners got their entertainment updates from WCCO radio’s Tim Russell. Blame it on the ice. Last month, Russell took a nasty spill on a patch of ice while taking out the garbage. Not only did he dislocate his left foot, but he also broke two (!) bones in his ankle. It was painful just listening to him describe the incident. As if that wasn’t enough, the ankle surgery preceded prostrate surgery that he underwent earlier this month. (You can read more about his various health issues on his blog.) While he was out recovering, the station was sans an entertainment editor and “Prairie Home Companion” had to do three shows without one of its regulars. Well, we’re happy to report that this week Russell is back behind the mic at WCCO and will be at the “PHC” show in Appleton, Wis., this weekend.  So how did Russell survive weeks of bed rest? “American Idol,” “Dancing With the Stars” and other television shows helped. “I watched Gordon Ramsay’s ‘The F-Word.’ They run that thing constantly on BBC America and his “Kitchen Nightmares,” too. I had never seen Gordon Ramsay before so it’s a revelation,” Russell joked. Check out this amusing video of Russell navigating the WCCO studios with the aid of his “knee walker.”

Posted by Amy Carlson Gustafson in the Pioneer Press on March 24, 2009

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