sue-arlo-timA Prairie Home Companion went to Waterbury, CT last weekend featuring Arlo Guthrie and his talented band. The temperature reached a record High of 86! The Palace Theater is an amazing renovated 1920’s movie palace with a new backstage, a very nice venue. Waterbury is full of beautiful architecture, remnants of it’s glory days as a manufacturing center. Tim and Sue drove to West Redding on Saturday morning to see the wonderful home of Fred Newman.

Sue Scott and Fred Newman Enjoy Chaz Newman

Sue Scott and Fred Newman Enjoy Chez Newman

Fred showed us his eclectic collections, his house is a laboratory for his many artistic talents.

Arlo Guthrie was glad to share his helpful healing expertise for Tim’s ailing ankle, He had a battery powered therapy device that he used to free up his frozen shoulder. His shoulder and voice were in fine form and his off air encore of “City of New Orleans” was a real crowd pleaser. Next week it’s two shows from Nashville’s historic Ryman Auditorium, featuring Brad Paisley and the Sam Bush Band.

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