We started a new season of “A Prairie Home Companion” this Saturday an amazing performance by Garrison Keillor. Just three weeks after suffering a “minor” stroke he was in charge and in control, both for the first show, and the street dance, which traditionally follows the opening show each season at the Fitzgerald Theater.

Sam Bush and his band, newcomer singer-songwriter Sarah Jarosz, and singers Andra Suchy and Connie Evingson all performed.

Later Saturday night, I attended the cast and crew screening of  “ A Serious Man”, the newest Coen Brothers film opening next weekend. It is terrific, thought provoking, and hysterical at the same time. I predict a Best Picture nomination for the brothers again this year, in spite of my appearance in the film as “Detective#1”. (Watch for me at the :48 second mark in the movie’s trailer).

I introduced my self to Joel Coen and he was most gracious about my participation. Before the 9pm VIP screening I introduced Lucinda Williams, the head of the Minnesota Film and TV Board.

How lucky is it to have survived the cutting room floor in films by Robert Altman and the Coen Brothers?

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