Sue Scott Kristin Chenowith and Tim Russell

Kristin Chenowith joins us between performances of "Promises, Promises"

I’m in New York City for an unbelievably packed “A Prairie Home Companion” at the Town Hall. Kristin Chenowith, Debra Monk, Rob Fisher, Heather Masse, and a young star to be, Kate Beahen. Friday night  we wrapped rehearsal at 7pm, so I went to the TKTS Booth on 47th to get a half price seat for Christopher Walken’s play ” A Behanding in Spokane” by Micheal McDonagh. I met Micheal when I introduced a sneak screening of his Oscar nominated film, “In Brugge”, a lovely guy and amazing writer.Christopher Walken is off the charts with his “Walkeness” in this hysterically dark dramedy about a man in search of his missing hand for some 45 years. A couple of erstwhile drug dealers try to rip him off, and a hotel receptionist brilliantly played by Sam Rockwell adds to the grisly humor. If you are in New York and have a hankering for the quirky by all means see ” A Behanding in Spokane”.

After the show we found ourselves right in the middle of the car bomb threat in Times Square. A little more excitement than the City should really have. Thanks goodness the phrase “See something, Say something” meant something.

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