This summer’s newest family-friendly blockbuster is “Despicable Me”, with an all star cast of comedic voices, including the omnipresent Steve Carell as Gru, a supervillain in search of villainy supremacy. His quest is compromised by his decision to utilize three adorable orphan girls in his various plots. This is no “Toy Story 3” but is nevertheless well worth seeing in the theater in 3D. The animation was imaginative and and stylistic. The humor was tired at times (when is “Boo-ya” going to disappear? That’s what I’m talkin’ about!), but despite the requisite fart jokes, there’s a heart here.

The Minions are Gru’s invaluable little helpers and provide most of the legitimate entertainment value, they are adorable and, no doubt, a marketing bonanza. Geezers will remember the Shmoo phenomenon in the comic strip, “L’il Abner” by Al Capp. They were, like the Minions, adorable little creatures that just wanted to help. The Minions antics are worth the price of admission alone.

GPA: 3.0

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