Angelina Jolie is back in full Super Hero mode as Evelyn Salt, a CIA operative who may or may not be a counterspy for Russia, although the film spends most of it’s length making the case that she is indeed a deadly force of nature on behalf of “Godless Red Russia” (sorry, some of my “Duck and Cover” grade school memories creeping in there). This new entry into the summer blockbuster, action fray lost out to “Inception” at the Box Office this week, but it should have legs as a preposterous but very entertaining non-stop chase. Angelina may have arms like Olive Oyl, but thanks to the able director Phillip Noyce, she tosses around the bad ( or good) guys like a certain sailor juiced on spinach. Next time Mel Gibson goes berserk, Oksana Grigoriava ought to call in her lookalike, Evelyn Salt, to set him straight.

You’ll have lot’s of “how could that have happened if…” questions about the plot but forget about all that. Just let the magnetic Jolie lead you through the maze. Liev Schreiber and Chiwetel Ejiofor do there usual good work to add a little credence to the project, all in all a film worth seeing on the big screen.


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