Woof!, is this a stinker! Save your 3 D budget for “Toy Story 3” or “Despicable Me” if you haven’t already seen those two fine animated offerings, tell the kids they can wait for the DVD (bargain bin, hopefully). This is the sequel to 2001’s “Cats and Dogs” which at least had the talented Alec Baldwin voicing Butch, now voiced by Nick Nolte who sounds like his infamous mugshot. The film is an attempt to parody the Bond Franchise but the only time they succeed at that is with the musical score. The live action/ computer generated effects are well done, but to what effect? I’d rather sit though repeated screenings of the E-Trade talking baby TV spots, at least they have a sense of humor. Parents eyes will glaze over after the clever opening credits, and I must say there was precious little laughter from the wee ones at the screening I attended. The best thing about this offering is the classic looking “Roadrunner” 3D short ,”Coyote Falls” that precedes the movie. If only Wyle E.Coyote had a little Acme Dynamite to jolt “Dogs and Cats” out if it’s summer doldrums.


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