Will Ferrell is back on top of the film comedy A-List, thanks to the sure hand of his Co-writer and Director, Adam McKay (“Anchorman” and “Talladega Nights”), and a very funny comedic performance from Mark “How’s your Mother” Wahlberg. “The Other Guys” took the top spot at the Box Office this weekend. Sure it’s a retread of a lot of Cop-Buddy, Odd Couple movies, with a cookie cutter plot, but the laughs generated by Ferrell and Wahlberg, as the odd couple cops, are enough to overcome the temptation to wait for the DVD.

I particularly like Ferrell in low intensity mode, I thought he was great in “Stranger Than Fiction”, the 2006 film where ho played an IRS auditor. In “The Other Guys” he plays a similarly milquetoast forensic accountant , Detective Alan Gamble, with occasional bursts of manic behavior, and an inexplicably hot wife ( Eva Mendes). Wahlberg is all manic behavior and pulls it off neatly. Cameos include Samuel L. Jackson and Duane Johnson, taking the macho cops caricature to extremes, and Derek Jeter, shot by Wahlberg’s character Detective Terry Hoitz, during the  7th game of the World Series. The plot involves some high finance shenanigans, and the requisite over the top car chases, but the chemistry between Ferrell and Wahlberg is the story here.

Rated PG-13 Comedy

GPA 3.0

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