Katherine Heigl is such a likable actress I don’t get where she seems to have picked up such a Diva reputation. Josh Duhamel is likable too, but in Life As We Know It, the new PG 13 romantic comedy, he has to create such a thoroughly unlikable character, Eric Messer (or just Messer), an up and coming network sports director, that it makes it difficult to buy some of the plot twists of the movie. Heigl plays Holly Berenson, a driven Bakery owner and talented chef, who’s first blind date meeting with Messer is anything but cute. They both share a friendship, however, with a married couple and their newborn. The home videos shown during the opening credits brings us up to date on the fractious relationship of Messer and Holly, and before long we learn of the tragedy that brings them together as co-guardians of their godchild, Sophie. Heigl and Duhamel bring some skill to the struggle to make the plot believable. Are they going to fall in love or are they going to kill each other? I will say I look forward to seeing them both again on the big screen in whatever project they do next. The neighbors have some of the best lines with Mellisa McCarthy (of TV’s Mike and Molly) taking the lion’s share. The orphaned baby, Sophie, provides the bodily functions that filmmakers count on for comedy gold, (She’s not as cute as Hope, the baby in the hilarious new trailer trash TV comedy Raising Hope, don’t miss it). Anyway the film is worth a visit thanks to the skill of it’s actors.

GPA 2.8

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