If you get a chance to see Roger Waters and “The Wall” on tour do it, it will blow your mind. A combination of incredible musicians, an astounding set with unsurpassed technology and animation creating an unforgettable evening for “Pink Floyd” fans and newcomers alike.

The Wall Singers: Jon Joyce, Pat Mark and Kipp Lennon, Robbie Wyckoff

I had a chance to see my talented cousins (sharing the same Great-Great Grandfather) Kipp, Pat and Mark Lennon of “Venice” perform the backup singing, joining singer Jon Joyce. Search “Venice” on Youtube and you will be entertained for hours. Robbie Wyckoff was amazing singing the David Gilmour parts.

"The Wall" Singers: Jon Joyce, Robbie Wyckoff, Mark Pat and Kipp Lennon

My wife and I had them all over on Monday of this week for an early Thanksgiving Dinner. Among the inside tidbits we gleaned: Roger Waters runs a very happy ship, he’s very egalitarian giving everyone the same generous salary; that the road crew is unbelievable, 21 trucks made the trek from Omaha to St. Paul to set up in one day during one of the scariest weather events (sustained 65 mile and hour winds) on record in the Midwest.

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