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Unknown puts star Liam Neeson back into “Taken” action mode as Dr. Martin Harris, who leaves his wife ( a dreary January Jones) as they check into a Berlin Hotel for a Bio-Food conference, to return to the airport to find his missing briefcase. He is involved in a accident that sends his taxi (driven by Diane Kruger, evidently the go-to blond when a foreign accent is required) into freezing river water. When he comes to, he finds he has selective memory loss and no identity papers (remember the missing briefcase?). He returns to the hotel and discovers his wife not only claims not to know him ( in spectacularly inept way by Jones), but introduces him to another Dr. Martin Harris (Aidan Quinn). He also discovers that an assassin squad is trying to eliminate more than his memory. Thus begins Neeson’s search for his true identity and answers to his dilemma. This involved a series of “Bourne Identity ” style chases and action sequences. I think the film would have been better served with more attention to the efforts of the former East German Secret Agent played beautifully by Bruno Ganz. Frank Langella shows up to signal evil is in the house. I think Langella need to play a friendly role soon otherwise his film presence will mean only one thing; oh oh, bad guy! You’ll leave the theater somewhat satisfied if you don’t start questioning the eventual plot turns and how this or that could have happened. This isn’t “The Bourne Identity” but then again it’s not “The Tourist” either, thankfully.

Rated PG-13    My GPA: 2.8

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