How about that Bradley Cooper? He can do comic timing (“The Hangover”) and he can do drama, as evidenced in “limitless”, but entertaining, somewhat incredulous, film about Eddie Morra (Cooper), a victim of writer’s block, who discovers the power of NZT, a mysterious drug that unlocks the full potential of the human brain, which leads to some pretty bad things for anyone who takes it. Director Neil Burger takes us on a virtual amusement park ride with his camera every time the drug takes effect. If this film had been in 3D we would have been provided with special glasses and air sickness bags (which would come in handy in the scene when Morra slurps a dead man’s blood- don’t ask). Nonetheless, the ride is entertaining for us, but not Cooper’s character, who becomes increasingly enmeshed in the multi-pronged attempt to control access to the wonder drug. Fine performances from all, but not enough screen time for Robert Dinero as Carl Van Loon, a merger crazed business man, or the talented Abbie Cornish as Eddie’s girlfriend, Lindy. Too much time is spent on Hollywood’s need for action and violence, a little more character development from all would have been preferred. Rated PG13

My GPA: 3.0

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