Source Code

Jake Gyllenhaal can wash the taste of “Love and Other Drugs” out  of his mouth with “Source Code”, a finely crafted Techno-thriller from director Duncan Jones. It’s a combination of “Groundhog Day” and “Momento”, where Gyllenhall’s character, Captain Colter Stevens, finds himself part of a secret government program after apparently being fatally injured in a battle in Afghanistan. Vera Farmiga plays a sympathetic  soldier in charge of Stevens’ involuntary participation in the Source Code program, who explains to Colter that he is part of an experiment that allows him to take over someone’s body in the last eight minutes of their life. Colter finds himself in the body of one Sean Fentress on a Chicago commuter train, destined for terrorist destruction, sitting across from Christina (Michelle Monaghan). The chemistry between these two is apparent as Colter has to figure out how to stop a dirty nuclear bomb from destroying the city and save Christina too. He has to constantly revisit the last eight minutes of his host body’s life to figure out how to do it. It’s all very cerebral and Gyllenhaal is up to the task. Jones gives us some great action shots and keeps us guessing throughout, much as he did with the clever science fiction vehicle “Moon”, an underrated tour de force for actor Sam Rockwell.

Rated PG13

My GPA: 3.2

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