Let me say I’ve been a fan of the musical performances on the hit Fox TV series “Glee”, although I think the series plot lines “jumped the shark” along time ago. The TV version is all lip-synch so I was looking forward to the Concert Film to see the full range of musical talent, live in front of an arena audience of rabid “Gleeks”. I was not disappointed. Fox somehow put this energetic concert of cover song performances together in about six weeks and the energy  the young cast brings to the concert stage is thrilling. Everyone gets a chance to shine, except  Mr. Schuester  (Mathew Morrison, not involved in the project),  and Sue Sylvester ( Jane Lynch) who was cut from the final film but will appear in the DVD release. I’m not a big fan of most of the recent 3D offerings, they are too dark and often don’t add much to the films, but this is the perfect use of 3D. It brings you right into the arena and “Glee 3D” is to be congratulated for it’s sound design. I’m sure a few of the dance intensive scenes, like Brittany (Heather Morris) channeling Brittany Spears employ the lip-synching one sees on the TV show, but Lea Michelle belting a Barbra Streisand tune is sheer talent. The film is interspersed with “Gleeks” sharing their stories of how “Glee” has helped them through challenges and, while inspirational, you find yourself anxious for the concert footage to return.

Rated PG ( Heather Morris’  dance moves may be a little too sexual for the kiddies).

My GPA: 3.8

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