It’s the political season and “The Ides of March” shows us the underbelly  of the political campaign. George Clooney does it all here, as writer, director,and star of this adaptation of Beau Willimon’s political play Farragut North. It’s about a talented campaign staffer, Stephen Meyers (Ryan Gosling), a believer in the progressive ideals of democratic primary candidate, Governor Mike Morris (George Clooney). Secrets are revealed, loyalties are tested, beliefs are challenged, and director Clooney handles it all with realistic style and skill. An all star cast includes, Phillip Seymour Hoffman, Evan Rachel Wood, Paul Giammatti and Marisa Tomei. All that dramatic talent is put to good use with the screenplay’s crackling dialogue and Gosling continues his red hot year with a nuanced performance that will leave filmgoers wanting to see more from this intriguing star. Clooney displays his progressive tendencies here, but it’s safe to say that both Democrats and Republicans will find plenty to support their talking points as the film progresses. “The Ides Of March” reminds me of a movie I recently saw on the Turner Classic Movie Channel, “The Best Man” (1964) with Henry Fonda and Cliff Robertson and joins that film as one of the best political films ever.

Rated: R

My GPA: 3.8

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