Jason Segel is obviously a huge fan of the Jim Henson creations and lovingly has co-written (with Nicholas Stoller) a wonderfully goofy Muppet reunion in “The Muppets”, a Disney Comedy/Musical, directed by James Bobin, the troupe’s first film foray since 1996. Welcome back Kermit! Segel plays Gary, a good pal to his brother, Walter, who happens to be a huge Muppet fan too; appropriate, since he’s actually a natural Muppet. I told you it was goofy. Walter joins Gary and his bride to be, Mary (Chanhassen Dinner Theater Vet, adorable Amy Adams) on a trip to LA. Gary wants to visit the Muppet Studio but discovers it’s abandoned and in danger of being destroyed for oil exploration by tycoon Tex Richman ( a delightfully devious Chris Cooper). Walter convinces Gary to help him round up the Muppet gang to put on a telethon to save their old studio which sets off a funny “where are they now” tour of Muppets fallen on hard times, all except Miss Piggy who has become a fashion designer in Paris. The film will remind you of “Pee Wee’s Big Adventure” in style. It constantly breaks the fourth wall with self referential humor, but the Muppets are as chaotically lovable as always. Parents and kids alike will enjoy this holiday outing.

Rated: PG

My GPA: 3.4

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