Join me as I give voice to geezer gangster Joey Roast Beef who is demanding to hear what lucrative scheme Guy Noir is cooking up. Everyone wants to know—Joey,  and my other characters,Lieutenant McCafferty, reporter Gene Williker, the despicable Larry B. Larry,Father Bert Smalley, George the Janitor, Mr. Ishimoto, Jimmy the Bartender, Mr. Kress of the FDA, and many more, including many, many more voiced by the talented Sue Scott—and Guy faces them one by one, as he pursues a dream of earning gazillions by selling a surefire method of dramatic weight loss. In this whirlwind caper Guy looks death in the eye, falls in love, and faces off with the capo del capo del grande primo capo Johnny Banana.Now available: “Guy Noir and the Straight Skinny” on a 4 CD audiobook. The radio series “Guy Noir” debuted on A Prairie Home Companion in 1995 and has been a regular part of the show ever since.  The dramitization of the new Garrison Keillor novel features Garrison Keillor, Tim Russell and Sue Scott with original music by Richard Dworsky.  4.5 hours on 4 CDs.

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