“Lincoln”, the latest Stephen Spielberg film does two things: it shows that politics have always been fascinating, and it proves that Daniel Day-Lewis is one of our finest actors. The film is a far cry from the special effects extravaganzas Spielberg is know for (The only action sequence comes during the opening credits), focusing on the last months of Lincoln’s life as he pushes the congress to pass the 13th amendment, permanently making the Emancipation Proclamation the law of the land, influencing the Confederacy’s eventual surrender. Lincoln had to get the amendment through The House of Representatives, and the film shows the day to day grind of political deal making with diverse factions. Tommy Lee Jones is superb as Rep. Thadeus Stevens, a strict abolitionist intent on holding Lincoln the promise of the permanent end of slavery without caving to the wishes of those in favor of a negotiated peace with the Confederacy.

Day-Lewis will undoubtedly add another Oscar nomination for his portrayal of a man juggling domestic drama ( Sally Field may get another Oscar nod herself for her emotionally volatile Mary Todd Lincoln), the 16th President’s masterful maneuvering of the political process.You’ve probably had your fill of politics this year, but “Lincoln” will take you beyond the Punditry of today’s politics to deep inside the nitty gritty world of pre-blog backroom deal making.

Rated: PG-13

My GPA: 3.8

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