Judd Apatow has marshaled the family again in “This is 40”, which brings us up to date on the lives of two of the characters from his earlier film, “Knocked Up”, Pete and Debbie, played by frequent collaborator Paul Rudd and Apatow’s wife, the amazing Leslie Mann, in addition to his daughters Iris and Maud as Charlotte and Sadie. This is a mid-life crisis comedy that holds no bar in it’s frank usage of potty, bodily function, sexual situations, over the top, humor. Having said that, it’s mostly hysterical for those not easily offended. The ensemble includes terrific performances by Albert Brooks as Pete’s moocher father, John Lithgow as Debbie’s distant Dad, with wonderful cameos by Jason Segel,Chris O’Dowd, Megan Fox, and a memorable turn from “Bridesmaids” star, Melissa McCarthy (don’t miss her riotous improv outtakes over the closing credits to see what she brings to a comedy set). Apatow displays a sure hand with his ensemble although he probably could have trimmed the proceedings, it feels long at 2 hours 13 minutes, and once again this is a hard R (for raunchy) movie, so best leave the kiddies at home.


My GPA: 3.6

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