Star Trek- Into DarknessFans of The Star Trek saga may nitpick, but if you are a casual fan of the Gene Roddenbery ¬†creation and enjoyed the 2009 “Star Trek” release, you ‘ll definitely enjoy this sequel from director J.J. Abrams, “Star Trek: Into Darkness”. I guess the darkness would be the fact that the Enterprise mission becomes militarized thanks to the plans of Admiral Marcus ( Peter Weller of “Robocop” fame, very effective here) who wants to bypass the Starfleet “Prime Directive” to harshly deal with former Starfleet agent John Harrison ( Benedict Cumberbatch, BBC’s amazing Sherlock Holmes). Chris Pine is wonderful in the role of James Kirk, as are the rest of the returnees from the last “Star Trek”. Zachary Quinto reprises his role as Dr. Spock, and his Vulcan reserve is challenged before the film’s end. That may bother the diehard purists, but I found the overall iconic cross referencing of the Star Trek TV show and earlier film efforts very entertaining. Simon Pegg gives the role of Scotty an energetically comic twist even in the most dire situations. I can’t believe they added the 3D in post production as I thought it very effective and worth the extra bucks. I must say the special effects are worth the price of admission by themselves. I was constantly thinking, how does Industrial Light and Magic keep out doing themselves. Thankfully, the acting and story line keeps this film from being just another mindless summer SFX extravaganza.

Rated PG 13

My GPA 3.8


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