Tim Russell: Man of a Thousand Voices

Tim Russell: Man of a Thousand Voices

Fans of A Prairie Home Companion know him as Garrison Keillor’s grumbling sidekick Dusty “The Lives of the Cowboys,” an array of wise-cracking wise-guys from the mean streets of “Guy Noir, Private Eye,” or Jim, the beleaguered husband from A Prairie Home Companion’s famously catchup-deprived midlife couple. One minute he’s George Bush or Julia Child, Barack Obama or Arnold Schwarzenegger.

So here’s the fearless Tim Russell in 19 hilarious performances from A Prairie Home Companion, embracing every hairpin turn, crazy curve, or unexpected plot twist a live radio show heard by millions each week can possibly throw at the man of a thousand voices.

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Heavenly Celebrities

Who’s on the Show

The Lives of the Cowboys


Conversation With F. Scott


Fritz Electronics



Earl’s School of Language

Fred Farrell

Song of the Vampire

Guy Noir, Private Eye

Paul Bunyan

Bud’s Coffee



Guy’s Shoes

Celebrity Valentines

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