Unbroken posterI’m very surprised at the lack of Buzz for Angelina Jolie’s film ” Unbroken”, based on the amazing WWII survival story of Louis Zamperini, as told in the best selling book by Laura Hillenbrand. Ethan and Joel Coen deliver a memorable screenplay and Jolie does a terrific job of capturing the trials of being lost at sea for weeks, and the horrors of life in a Japanese POW camp, with the sadistic commander who singles out, past Olympian athlete, Zamperini for especially brutal treatment. Cinematographer Roger Deakins, who shot so many great films for the Coen Brothers, does a brilliant job of realistically etching each scene. Jack O’Connell is amazing as the scrappy Zamperini, going so far as to shrivel under the harsh conditions with a frightening weight loss, ala Matthew McConaughey. His performance deserves some attention in this award season. The built-in audience of Hillenbrand’s book should make this a Happy Holiday for the film and I think word of mouth will take over from there.

Rated: PG-13

My GPA: 3.8

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