Force Awakens PosterThe wait is over for Star Wars Fans, “The Force Awakens”, Star Wars Episode VII, is here and for someone who really remembers only the first episode, I think  J.J. Abrams has gone delightfully old school, bringing back the charm of the original with the cast that made such an impact such a “long, long, time ago”. The fan base should be overwhelmingly pleased with the result, starting with a blast of the first few notes of John Williams’ amazing score. The film has some surprises, so I think I’ll have to be spoiler-free but I can tell you that Harrison Ford’s Han Solo is just as grumpy 30 years later, in a good way. Carrie Fisher’s Princess (now General Leia Organa, she’s gone from wearing Cinnabon buns to Croissant buns)  is leading the resistance against the First Order, the former Galactic Empire. The mysterious Kylo Ren (HBO’s “Girl’s” star Adam Driver in a stylized Darth Vader Mask) is intent on finding Luke Skywalker, as are the new characters, scrappy Rey (wonderfully played by British actress Daisy Ridley), the reformed Storm Trooper, Fin (a fine John Boyega), and the current best pilot in the galaxy, Po Dameron ( the wisecracking Han Solo heir apparent, played by Oscar Isaac). They join up with the Resistance, helped by BB-8, a rolling Droid that gives the film some added levity, in their own attempt to reunite Luke with his light saber. Even C-3PO and R2D2 show up to do what they can to help the Resistance. It all looks terrific with Abrams limiting the CG work enough to bring back some of the charm of the more practical effects of the Original “Star Wars”.


Rated PG-13

My GPA: 4.0

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