1. The Boss“The Boss” is the latest in a series of strong comedy performances from star Melissa McCarthy, who has mastered the art of physical comedy, on full display here, as evidenced by the trailers for the film, e.g., being tossed against a wall by an angry sofa bed. but the film she’s co-written with Annie Mumalo (Bridesmaids) and her husband Ben Falcone (who also directs), relies too heavily on blue language and sight gags. The plot is thin, Melissa’s character, Michelle Darnell, with a dark foster home back-story, is a high powered, tough, business woman turned white color felon, ala Martha Stewart, thanks to the shenanigans of a former boyfriend and business enemy played by Peter Dinklage. She’s finds her only support with, her former, long suffering, and single mom assistant played by a funny Kristin Bell. Melissa attempts a comeback via a girl’s scout troop Chocolate Brownie sales campaign. There are some genuinely funny moments, but overall the story doesn’t live up to the comedic skills of its lead.


Rated: R for Super Raunchy.


My GPA: 2.8

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