felicity-jonesIf you’ve lived under a rock as the “Star Wars” saga has unfolded since 1977 you may have a tough time connecting all the dots in the first Star Wars Anthology Film, “Rogue 1”. It’s a stand alone film that tells the story unfolding immediatley before the action of that first “Star Wars” film, which is actually Episode 4, so it’s  a story between Episodes 3 and 4. Confused? Don’t let that dissuade you from enjoying what is essentially a war film, action packed, good guys verses bad, oppressors versus rebels. The British cast, led by Felicity Jones, as feisty Jyn Erso, does a fine job telling the tale of a ragtag group attempting to steal the Death Star plans from the Empire to give Han Solo and Princess Leia a fighting chance against  Darth Vader (James Earl Jones -“Arby’s, we’ve got the meat!”).

I remember attending  the first screening of the 1977 Star Wars. We got Star wars T-Shirts and other swag (which might bring a pretty penny these days on Ebay) but the biggest takeaway was the amazing special effects. Today, they look very cheesy compared to the 3D extravaganza that is “Rogue 1”. CGI.provides us with some characters brought to life by now deceased actors (Tarken played by Peter Cushing is a case in point), but there are some endearing new cast members, K2SO, a reprogrammed Empire Droid turn rebel tool, is voiced by Alan Tudyk, giving the film some much needed humor. Other beloved characters pop up in cameos, creating applause moments in the screening audience of diehard fans. It”s a ton of action, which has become a little boring for me these days, but at least I remember how to differentiate the Rebel Alliance ships from the Empire’s fighters. I think “Star Wars” fans will be more than happy as they await “Star Wars VIII” scheduled for release next December, 2017.


Rating: PG-13

My GPA: 3.8

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