sing-posterBroadway has it’s share of so-called “Jukebox Musicals” (“Jersey Boys”) but now Garth Jennings and the folks at Illumination Entertainment (“Minions”, “Despicable Me”) have rounded up over 80 classic tunes and a new one (Golden Globe Nominated “Faith”) to provide a fun respite from the political turmoil families have faced this Holiday season. “Sing” is a by the book, backstage, let’s put on a show, hey “The Voice” seems to work let’s try something like that, animated gift for the whole family this Christmas season. It follows the anthropomorphic trend in animation films this year, with lots of different species displaying varying amounts of musical talent.

Buster Moon (Matthew McConaughey using a voice nothing like his laconic Lincoln driver voice) is a Koala impresario, financially strapped and about to lose his family’s beloved theater so he comes up with a plan for a show to bail the place out, a singing competition! A clerical error wildly inflates the promised Prize Money and he is overwhelmed by the contestant turnout. After a classic audition elimination process (giraffes, snails, frogs , all  improbably singing classic tunes), Buster gets the show underway with the help of characters brilliantly voiced by Reese Witherspoon, John C. Reilly, Seth Macfarlane, Jennifer Saunders, Scarlett Johansen, Nick Kroll, Tory Kelly, Taron Egerton, Jennifer Hudson Mand others. Tory Kelly, as a shy teen Elephant finally coaxed to express her musicality,literally blows the roof of the joint. The animation is magical and 2D is totally fine. I loved the inclusion of The Beatles’ “Golden Slumbers/Carry That Weight”, So, the plot is overly simple and the jokes are somewhat unoriginal, it’s still a nice place for the family to spend under 2 hours this Holiday Season. Enjoy.

Rated: PG

My GPA:  3.8

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