What’s Next?

Peter Fonda died this weekend at the age of 79. Fifty years ago this weekend his signature film, “Easy Rider” debuted in1969, just part of my cultural confluence that eventful summer. I had just graduated from Notre Dame. My girlfriend, lived in Manhattan and I went to visit her in August, her sister’s boyfriend had  tickets to “some music festival” upstate, hey, why not check it out: Woodstock. That Friday, with traffic at a standstill, we abandoned the car, spent the night sheltered from a storm with 30 strangers in a barn, Saturday  we walked to the festival, by then a free event, saw Country Joe and the Fish, Santana and Sha Na Na., ate some free food, then decided to get a bus back to the City after walking to the nearest town. I always joke that I might have been the only attendee wearing wingtip shoes ( it took a long time digging the mud out of those little holes.). Back in the city, we decided to see Fonda’s movie, “Easy Rider”. My introduction to Jack Nicholson and Dennis Hopper.

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